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Relocating To Boston 

Boston Moving Concierge can help with professional staging, organizing, moving, cleaning. and packing for any relocation, move in or move out. 


Boston is unlike any other city in America. What it lacks in area, it makes up for in personality. That’s why millions of people from across the world consider moving to Boston on a yearly basis. Many visitors remark that Boston reminds them of Europe. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the city features historical landmarks wherever you turn. Maybe it’s due to the beautiful architecture that features stunning Victorian buildings and charming brownstones. It could also be based on the cramped and winding cobblestone streets. However, there’s certainly more to Boston than the history and old-world charm. Relocating to Boston doesn’t have to be difficult – here are some things you need to consider when relocating to The Hub.

Fresh Air:

While some people are more into the outdoors than others, neighborhoods with green spaces can be much more comfortable for anyone to live in. Oftentimes parks are more than just a place to hold picnics—many have local events such as farmers markets or neighborhood parties. Not only are these events fun on your own, but they are also a great way to get to know your neighbors! In many Urban areas of Greater Boston, lots of people prefer parks to a backyard because there is less maintenance and larger spaces to enjoy outdoor activities. It’s also a lot easier to meet people and get involved in a pick up game of flag football or basketball. Outdoor space is definitely one of the more sought after neighborhood amenities.

Commuting Time:

If you are researching neighborhoods, chances are one of the first things you look into is how long the commute will be. Instead of just looking at time, it is important to look into the ease of the commute as well. For example, a bus stop could be right down the street from you, but if that bus is never on time it is not going to be a good amenity. Whether you are traveling to work, school, or anywhere in between it is important to research how comfortable and reliable your commute will be! There are also great new apps out there to check out that can predict when your Public transportation is coming so you can finish up your coffee at the right time and walk out the door without wasting a minute. If open space is your thing, you may want to consider outside of the city in neighborhoods like Arlington or Hopkinton.


We’ve all been there—you get home after a long day only to realize you forgot to pick up the milk you need for dinner and toilet paper to restock the bathroom. In situations like this, there is no overestimating the convenience of having retail shops and grocery stores/restaurants nearby. It’s always nice to have a good mix of places to buy groceries and places to get take out. One of the awesome things about Boston is that almost the entire city has a 90+ walkability rating. If you are moving outside of the city, contact us and we can help you find the perfect spot


The reason different neighborhoods have their own unique culture and features is because everyone has different tastes, education, and work responsibilities. People move to specific areas for reasons such as nightlife, schools, art galleries, shopping and more. Of course, there are also deal breakers that could keep you away from a certain neighborhood. If you are into history and old homes, you probably you will likely gravitate to Back Bay or the South End. On the contrary if you like luxury, concierge buildings, Seaport will be a better choice Make a list of your personal deal breakers, and rank them from most to least important. This will be incredibly helpful in helping you make the final choice of where to move! 

Do You Need Professional Relocation Assistance?

Many people don’t realize it is against the law for realtors to guide residents in a direction based on any of your preferences. While choosing the right realtor is crucial to a successful relocation to Boston, if you have needs beyond finding a “place,” our team can help. Our guidance ranges across the board. Whether your child needs a school with a specific IEP or maybe you need to be within walking distance to a particular facility, or maybe you need someone to let you know the up and coming neighborhoods and which ones expect construction soon or value changes – this is where we can be of assistance. Our team can help you answer all “Boston” questions you have. Other more traditional relocation assistance includes:







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First and foremost, South Boston is locally known as “Southie.” If you conduct your search there you should get to know the local lingo. Southie is currently home to many young professionals who are a few years out of college. In addition, many families call South Boston home. This is due to the fact that Southie provides a great deal of apartment options.

This area also provides easy access to downtown and other areas of the city through public transportation. In addition, Boston’s Seaport and waterfront is only a few blocks away. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.


Boston’s South End neighborhood may be small, but it’s one of the most picturesque areas in the entire city. There are a great deal of brownstone homes that command a premium. In fact, any apartment in this area is expensive, but it can be well worth it. The South End neighborhood is near downtown Boston. There are many high-end restaurants and shopping venues to explore.


Did you know that the North End neighborhood of Boston is one of the most historic in the city? If you enjoy Italian cuisine this is the place for you. Since the North End is so well known, the rent tends to be on the higher side. You may also find that you will get a lot less square footage for the money. There are many lines of public transportation to choose from. The North End is also close to the Boston Garden where you can catch a Boston Celtics game or Boston Bruins game. If you don’t like busy areas, the North End is not for you. In the summer, the area is packed full of tourists who are there to take in Boston’s rich history and celebrate the Summer Festivals.


Most people who plan to move to Boston have at least heard of the Back Bay. It happens to be one of Boston’s most popular areas. This famous Boston neighborhood is well known for its gorgeous brownstones. So, if you plan to move to the Back Bay expect to pay top end for your rent. The Back Bay is centrally located near Newbury Street, Fenway Park, and Storrow Drive.

How We Can Help You Move

As your go to Boston move management team, we guide residents through the emotional and logistical aspects of the move, organizing, downsizing, packing, cleaning, staging, estate sale/donation coordination, space planning, advocacy, supervising movers, post-move support, unpacking, and setting up the new home. Other things we can do include: carry out pre-move surveys, calculate and cost the move process, working within your budget. Our team of Bostonities can also arrange pet services, car shippping and detailing, childcare, reservations, moving valuable items, and we offer senior move management in Boston