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Is this your first time moving to Boston? Maybe you have a son or daughter moving in… The first thing you will need to think of are the moving logistics in Boston. Because Boston is full of tight streets and of course the infamous Storrow Drive – you will need to be prepared. If you don’t have the 3-4 hours it takes for the Boston Moving Permit process, I suggest you enlist the help of which will do the entire job for you with the lowest rates in the city.

Boston Moving Permits

Back in the day Boston moving companies and those with uhauls would go rogue ( aka permit-less) and usually get away with in. Post-Covid, Boston police have been imposing steep ($270+ fines) and in some cases towing the moving trucks without an option to move. Because Boston is a collection of small tightly knit neighborhoods, having trucks block off roads is no longer an option due to safety issues. So, how to avoid these fees? You will need to secure a moving permit at least 2-3 business days prior to your move. Some Boston movers will do this for you but most don’t. So your options are DIY which we will discuss below or you can order Boston Moving Permit and they will order the permit, copy the letters for neighbors cars, laminate the permits (that are paper and can easily be demolished in rain/snow), post the permits and remove them afterwards.

DIY Boston Moving Truck Permits

If you’re moving in Boston, you’ll need to pick up some Boston Moving Permits. How badly you’ll need these permits, of course, depends on the neighborhood. Certain neighborhoods in Boston do not require permits such as: Roslindale, West Roxbury and Hyde Park. In every other area of Boston, a permit is a must. First thing is first when getting a Boston Moving Permit — it must be ordered within 48 business hours of the date and time you need to move. The city requires you give neighbors parked in the spots 48 business hours of notice to move their vehicles. Any service you hire will require at least that amount of time. Generally permits are from 7am-5pm. As long as your truck is there prior to 5pm you will be fine. If you are cutting it close on the 48 hour rule, a 12pm-8pm option is available.

Getting Permits at Boston City Hall

Boston City Hall is located at 1 City Hall Square, Boston MA the place to go to pick up Boston Moving Permits.

There are two ways to get Boston moving permits. The easiest way, of course, is to order a Boston moving permit here and have us post the permits If not, you’re going to have make a trip to City Hall. It’s located at One City Hall Sq and its operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

You need to post Boston Moving Permits and “No Parking” signs AT LEAST 48 HOURS (at least 24 hours in a metered area) in advance of the move, within the 40-foot reserved area. You can post them on utility poles, parking meters, trees, or even fences. If you think your two signs are not visible enough, you can make additional “no parking” signs out of cardboard. As long as your homemade signs have the date of the permit, you can post them within the reserved area for extra coverage. (And definitely make sure to use plenty of tape to securely post your signs and permits. It’s important that neither rain, wind, nor neighbors can interfere with your paid-for right to park on moving day.)

Remember the flyer you got from City Hall? You’ll need to make copies of it, and leave it on the windshields of the cars parked in your moving spot. You’ll need to post it on the doors of the buildings on either side of the street. The city wants you to post these flyers, once a day, for at least the two days preceding your move. You can post them anywhere and on any car within a 20-foot radius of your moving spot.