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Moving to a new place can be an exciting adventure, but sometimes, it can turn into a spooky experience. Here are a few scary moving stories shared by individuals who went through some eerie encounters during their relocations:

  1. The Haunted House: A family moved into an old Victorian home in Plymouth, only to discover strange noises, flickering lights, and objects moving on their own. They soon realized the house had a haunted history that they were not aware of when they bought it. Needless to say, they moved out within a few months.

  2. The Mysterious Basement: During a move in the Tatnuck neighborhood of Worcester, a couple discovered a hidden, locked basement in their new home. When they finally managed to open it, they found a room filled with  and strange symbols spray-painted on the walls, leaving them with an unsettling feeling. They ended up calling a ghost hunter that did not find any supernatural activity.

  3. The Vanishing Belongings: A woman packed up her apartment and hired movers to transport her belongings in Brookline. When she arrived at her new place, several boxes had gone missing, including some precious family heirlooms. The movers denied any knowledge of the missing items, leaving her feeling haunted by their sudden disappearance. Unfortunatly, this scenario can happen any time of the year if you use a moving company that is untrustworthy. An insurance claim was filed.

  4. The Cursed Relic: A man inherited an antique mirror from his late grandmother who lived in Newton, MA. Strange occurrences, like shadowy figures in the reflection, continued to happen in his new home, making him believe that the mirror held a spirit.

  5. The Creepy Neighbors: A couple moved into a quiet suburban neighborhood in Canton, MA only to discover that their next-door neighbors were reclusive and gave off eerie vibes. They claimed to hear strange chants and rituals happening at night, which made them question the true nature of their neighbors.

  6. The Vanishing Keys: While unpacking in their new apartment, a couple placed their keys on the kitchen counter at their new home in Uxbridge, MA. Moments later, the keys disappeared. They searched the entire apartment but couldn’t find them. To this day, they are convinced their new home has a mischievous ghost.

  7. The Forgotten Room: In an old, historic home in Acton, a family found a locked room that was not mentioned in the listing. When they finally got it open, they discovered a room filled with old, eerie photographs and an unsettling atmosphere. These spooky moving stories remind us that sometimes, the process of relocating to a new place can come with unexpected and eerie experiences, leaving homeowners with lingering chills and questions about the supernatural.

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